Community Lung Research

Dr. Mark FitzGerald is leading the first population based prospective study on the economic burden of asthma. This study has recruited close to 600 subjects at The Lung Centre at Vancouver General Hospital as well as at a satellite centre under the direction of Dr. Douglass Rolf at Kelowna General Hospital. This unique study will asses the economic burden of asthma looking at variables which previously have note been looked at including loss of productivity as well as quality of life.

In collaboration with Dr.Carlo Marra, Dr.Larry Lynd and Dr. Mohsen Sadatsavi, Dr.Mark FitzGerald has recently showed that 4% of patients in BC contribute to 50% of direct health care cost related to asthma. The new study will help add information with regard to indirect health costs.

In further novel community based research Drs. Mark FitzGerald and Iraj Poureslami have completed a randomized controlled trial among Punjabi, Cantonese and Mandarin speaking patients, with educational material developed by community members as well as physicians from these communities. The dramatic impact of these interventions has been very impressive and a number of manuscripts with regards to this focus of research have been published or are in press.

They are continuing to focus on literacy and ethnicity with the current CIHR funded program which is looking at similar educational intervention in Cantonese and Mandarin from this location in patients with COPD.

UPDATE- UBC Annual report on our health literacy and ethnicity work