Clinical Research at The Lung Centre at Vancouver General Hospital

There is a very active clinical research program based at The Lung Centre at Vancouver General Hospital. These research projects ranged from mechanistic studies looking at novel new asthma treatments to large prospective population based epidemiological studies.

Dr. Nasreen Khalil has been a lead recruiter in North America for studies of new treatments for the treatment of Interstitial Lung Disease. This is a challenging disease for which we have few current therapeutic options. In addition Dr. Khalil is continuing to do basic laboratory investigations on a potential novel new treatment for this condition

Dr. John Swiston leads a program of clinical research evaluating new treatments for the management of Pulmonary Hypertension. This devastating illness which previously was uniformly fatal and often presenting in patients in their 30s and 40s and now be much better managed.

Dr. Swiston is the Medical Director of the BC Pulmonary Hypertension Program which is based at The Lung Centre at Vancouver General Hospital.

Dr. Jeremy Road directs a program of research in Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease which again evaluates novel new therapies and in addition assessing patient’s related outcomes uses objective measurements including incremental exercise testing.

Dr. John Fleetham is a site PI for a CIHR funded study evaluating the role of CPAP in patients with Congestive Heart Failure.

Dr. Najib Ayas leads a CIHR Team Grant in sleep disordered breathing involving multiple studies evaluating the impact of these disorders on health outcomes. This work is being done in collaborations with Drs. John Fleetham, Jeremy Road and Frank Ryan primarily based at the UBC Sleep Disordered Clinic at UBC.

Dr. Mark FitzGerald in collaboration with AllerGen Clinical Investigator Consortium is leading a world class program of research evaluating novel new molecules for the treatment of asthma. These studies involve the testing of new compounds for the first time in subjects with asthma. He is also actively involved in severe asthma network evaluating these novel new drugs in the management of severe asthma which is a huge burden of the health care system from the quality of life as well as a cost aspect.

Dr. Chris Carlsten is involved in multiple studies evaluating the impact of air pollution on lung health both in one of only four diesel exposure laboratories in the world (APEL) as well as community based and in national and international epidemiological studies in asthma. He is exploring the novel interaction between exposures to inhaled allergens and diesel fume exposure in humans.

These first in human studies will help explain the powerful impact that air pollution has been added to environmental allergen exposure on asthma patients.

Dr. Stephen Lam and Dr. Annette McWilliams in collaboration with Dr. John Mayo and Dr. Harvey Cox at Vancouver General Hospital and BC Cancer Agency are involved in multiple large prospective studies looking at novel new methods for the earlier diagnosis of Lung Cancer. Dr.Stephen Lam and Wan Lam at the BC Cancer Agency are exploring ways to identify patients who are likely to be more responsive to chemotherapy for lung cancer which kills more people in Canada that prostate, breast and colon cancer combined.