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Peter Wall International Roundtable on Health Literacy

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Consisting of a 4-day roundtable at the UBC Peter Wall Institute, the Peter Wall International Roundtable on Health Literacy will be held from May 1-4, 2013. The small group discussions/roundtables will be structured with inter-and-cross disciplinary involvement facilitated by grouping participants from varied backgrounds in the different roundtables to provide maximal interaction. Focusing on collaboration and knowledge sharing, there will be a focus on gaining broad support for a health literacy measurement tool from multidisciplinary perspectives.

In addition to the in-person roundtable discussions, videoconference and webinar techniques  will also be used in an effort to provide opportunities to engage other participants online (nationally and internationally) as well as the media that cannot attend the event (further information posted on institutional websites).

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To access this year’s schedule, please click here.