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Virtual Patients at UBC Faculty of Medicine
Interested in using virtual patients in your curriculum at the UBC Faculty of Medicine? This video is intended for faculty and uses an example of a virtual heart failure patient and the role it played in educate students.

Mentored Training: Systematic Reviews in Health Care: February – July 2012

The Centre for Clinical Epidemiology & Evaluation (C2E2) is pleased to offer a six month mentored training course on systematic reviews. This course is intended for clinicians, researchers, health care professionals, graduate students, decision makers, and those wishing to undertake a systematic review.

Program features:

· Mentored training from highly experienced faculty
· 6 days of formal training in systematic review methodology
· Real-time support in conducting your own systematic review
· Facilitated peer-to-peer learning
· Maximum of 10 participants

The program provides a supportive environment for participants to develop and complete their own systematic review. Course information and registration is available through C2E2′s website: http://c2e2.vchri.ca/education.htm.