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Upcoming Heart + Lung Joint Rounds

Thursday, October 10, 2015
8:00-9:00 am
VGH (Jim Pattison Paetzold Pavilion)
Videolink to Cullen Family Theatre, St. Paul’s Hospital (rm 1477, 1st floor Providence Building)

For more information about upcoming Heart + Lung Joint Rounds, please contact Elishah Velji at 604-806-8586 or via e-mail at Elishah.Velji@hli.ubc.ca

Past Events:

Dr. Edward Hickey

Cheeki Rafiki, Air France 447 and pediatric heart surgery: Chasing the culture of 6-sigma industries

September 10, 2015
Dr. Max Cynader Enhancing the Plasticity of the Brain July 9, 2015
Drs. Jonathon Leipsic & Don Sin Heart and Lung: Living and Dying as One May 14, 2015
Dr. Mark FitzGerald The importance of humanomics in the era of genomics: The challenge of chronic disease management  October 9, 2014
Drs. Marla Kiess and Jasmine Grewal Management of the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Patient: Are we making any progress? September 11, 2014
Dr. Jennifer Gardy Communicating Science to Trainees and the Public July 10, 2014
Dr. Gordon Francis Where does cholesterol accumulate in arteries? May 15, 2014
Dr. Neil Eves Enhancing Cardiovascular and Respiratory Research in the BC Interior November 7, 2013
Dr. Andrew Penn “In Search of a Troponin for TIA” October 3, 2013
Dr. Chris Overall New Mechanisms controlling vascular permeability in inflammation revealed by system wide analysis of inflammation June 20, 2013
Dr. Jordan Guenette EXERCISE – The Future of Chronic Disease Management and Prevention in British Columbia January 24, 2013
Dr. Julio Montaner Treatment as Prevention: HAART Expansion  – a powerful strategy to reduce AIDS morbidity and mortality and HIV September 6, 2012
Drs. Sean A. Virani,Mark FitzGerald
Optimizing Care for Patients with COPD and Heart Failure: A systems approach May 24, 2012
Dr. David Granirer Stand Up for Mental Health: Using Humour to Fight Stigma April 5, 2012
Dr. Edward Conway Bloody Pathways in Health and Disease February 23, 2012
 Marla Kiess The Pacific Adult Congenital Heart (PACH) Clinic October 27, 2011
Dr. Gregory Miller The Behavioral and Biological Residue of Childhood Adversity September 8, 2011
Don Sin, Andy Ignaszewski, Anson Cheung, Raymond Ng, Janet Wilson-McManus, Scott Tebbutt Molecular Biomarkers for Better Heart and Lung Care June 16, 2011
Dr. John Fleetham Sleep Apnea and the Heart March 17, 2011
Dr. Michael Hayden Harnessing the Power of Genetics for Better Health December 16, 2010
 Dr. Carlo Marra Economic evaluation in health: The heart (and lung) of the matter. September 16, 2010
 Saul L. Miller Peak Performance – Performing under Pressure    June 10, 2010