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IHLH proudly represented at the Canadian Respiratory Conference

Posted: 30 April, 2012

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The Canadian Respiratory Conference (CRC) is held annually by the Canadian Lung Association to promote discussion of the most significant developments in clinical practice, research and education in relation to lung health care. This year’s conference took place locally at the Vancouver Westin Bayshore. With participants from all across Canada, the CRC kicked off with a reception and a visit from “the Queen” on Thursday, April 26th.

On Friday and Saturday, many students from the IHLH and PROOF Center ( attended the CRC to participate in the seminars and to also present their research posters. Dr. Karen Sherwood presented her work in a poster entitled “Proteomic signature in plasma of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease subjects can differentiate frequent exacerbators from non-exacerbators” alongside  Jasmine Yang’s poster “Characterization of IL-13 Receptors in the asthmatic airway epithelium”. Other posters included Masatsugo Yamamoto’s “Changes in the expression of microRNAs in peripheral blood following allergen inhalation challenge”, and Amrit Singh’s “Plasma proteomics can discriminate isolated responses in asthmatic individuals undergoing an allergen inhalation crisis”.

The three day conference also welcomed some of the IHLH researchers. Dr. Don Sin, Dr. Darryl Knight,Dr. Stephan van Eeden, Dr. Mark FitzGerald and Dr. Pat Camp were all in attendance. Dr. Sin spoke to his audience in a session, asking “Is the relationship between CVD and COPD causal or an epiphenomenon?” and sharing his insights on this topic. Dr. Knight’s session was titled “Heterogeneity of lung fibroblasts in the pathogenesis of pulmonary fibrosis”, however, he jokingly nick-named his presentation “Journey to the Center of the Lung”.

As a sponsor of the event, the IHLH proudly displayed the new banner and had a table set up where many attendants and presenters curiously inquired about our institute.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2012 Canadian Respiratory Conference and hope that the IHLH will continue to have such outstanding involvement in the conference in the years to come!