An arrhythmia is an abnormal rate or rhythm of the heartbeat. During an arrhythmia, the heart can beat too fast, too slow, or with an irregular rhythm.

When the heartbeat is too fast is called tachycardia, one that is too slow is called bradycardia. There are a variety of conditions under those two categories.

More information on the different types of arrythmias can be found on the Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon’s website.

Arrhythmia Services + Resources in British Columbia

Clinics and programs for arrhythmia and related conditions can be found through HealthLink BC.

The Pacemaker Arrhythmia Self Help Group provides educational, emotional and social support to individuals with arrhythmia who have pacemakers or those who are potential candidates for pacemaker implants or ablations.

The Heart Centre at St. Paul’s Hospital provides heart rhythm services including pacemaker implants, implantable defibrillators (ICD), EP studies, cardioversion and cardiac lead extraction.  

Other Arrhythmia Resources

Heart Rhythm Society
American Heart Association