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Happy Heart Month!

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The Heart and Stroke Foundation’s “Make Death Wait” campaign has struck a chord with many Canadians, calling to action over 100,000 volunteers across the nation to raise awareness and funds this February, “Heart Month”.

Heart Month is an initiative dating back to the 1950’s. Since its inception, the need for such an event has only increased. Today, 9 out of every 10 Canadians have at least one risk factor. Risk factors include high blood pressure, inactivity, and high in sodium diets, among other unhealthy practices. Family history can also imply risks; it is more likely for one to be at risk if heart disease, diabetes, or high blood sugar levels run in the family.

Do you know your risk factors? Why not take the risk assessment to discover both positive and negative factors relating to your personal risk of heart disease? Find out what you are doing right, and get suggestions on how to eliminate the negative risk factors from your daily life.

Celebrate your heart this February, and have a happy Heart Month!