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Dr. Margot Davis receives VCHRI Investigator Award for study on heart disease & breast cancer

Posted: 28 April, 2014

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Dr. Margot Davis, was awarded a Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute Investigator Award for her study, “Cardiovascular Healthcare Utilization and Outcomes Among Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer in British Columbia”.

Heart disease is the most common cause of non-cancer death in women with breast cancer. In fact, women over 65 who are diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time are more likely to die from heart disease than from cancer.

Dr. Davis’s study aims to compare the risks of heart disease in women diagnosed with breast cancer to the risks in other women in B.C., and to determine what factors increase this risk. Dr. Davis also plans to study whether women diagnosed with breast cancer use more health care services related to heart disease than other women in B.C., and if they have heart problems, whether they receive the same quality of care as other women. This will be the first project to study the way that health care related to heart disease is provided to women who have had breast cancer.

“Our results will provide important new information about which treatments provide the most benefit to women who have had breast cancer,” says Dr. Davis. “My main goal is to reduce the risk of death and disability from heart disease in this rapidly growing population.”

Early research experiences during her residency training developed Dr. Davis’s interest in academic medicine and clinical research. Dr. Davis is currently enrolled in the Masters of Science degree program at the Harvard School of Public Health, majoring in clinical epidemiology, and is a postdoctoral fellow in cardio-oncology and cardiac amyloidosis at Stanford University. She will be joining the VGH faculty as a clinical assistant professor in the UBC division of cardiology in July 2014.

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(Re-printed with permission from Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute).