Gairdner, UBC, and St. Paul's Hospital 2013 Symposium on COPD

Gairdner, UBC, and St. Paul’s Hospital 2013 Symposium on COPD

New Approaches toward Prevention & Care

COPD affects 200 million people worldwide; 1 in 5 Canadians 40 years and older have this condition and 10,000 Canadians die each year from it. There is no cure but great progress is being made to tackle this epidemic health problem.

The Gairdner Foundation has chosen Dr. James Hogg as its recipient of the 2013 Gairdner-Wightman Award to recognize and honor Dr Hogg’s lifetime contributions in improving the health of patients with COPD through innovative and cutting edge research. Dr Hogg is an Emeritus Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of British Columbia and the founding director of the Pulmonary Research Laboratory at St. Paul’s Hospital,Vancouver, BC, which has been re-named the UBC James Hogg Research Center in honor of Dr. Hogg.

To mark this special occasion, St. Paul’s Hospital, in collaboration with UBCGairdner Foundation and the BC Lung Association, will host a symposium on COPD. The Symposium will bring together the world leaders in COPD research and innovation to discuss the latest “breakthroughs” in COPD that will have a lasting impact on patient care.  We believe that prevention and treatment of, and even cure for, COPD is possible by raising the profile of COPD in the country, promoting cutting edge research and innovation, and training the next generation of COPD researchers who will carry the torch, which has been lit by Dr. Hogg.  Engaging round table discussion at the end of the sessions will provide thought provoking dialogue which will enlighten all those interested in the science and medicine related to COPD.

Highlighted Speakers

Dr. Peter Barnes (Imperial College)

Dr. Bartolome Celli (Harvard University)

Dr. Marc Decramer (KU Leuven)

Dr. James Hogg (UBC JHRC)

Dr. Denis O’Donnell (Queen’s University)

Dr. Edwin Silverman (Harvard University)

Dr. Don Sin (UBC JHRC)

Dr. Avrum Spira (Boston University)

Dr. George Washko (Harvard University)

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We will also be displaying scientific posters from some of our top research trainees from across Canada and the US.

The symposium will be held in downtown Vancouver on Tuesday December 3rd, 2103.

There will be a research trainees’ half-day, and a public lecture on December 4th, 2013.

Registration & Contact Info

Registration will be by invitation to scientists and physicians in the field of respiratory medicine, and their trainees. Seating will be limited for this very unique event and we encourage you to register soon.

For more information and to register contacted the conference secretariat – the UBC CPD Division at:

Telephone: (604) 875-5101 (PDT)