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Rising Stars – Dr. Krishnan Ramanathan

kramanathanDr. Krishnan Ramanathan, MB, ChB, FRACP, FRCPC, is the Medical Director of the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at St. Paul’s Hospital. Dr Ramanathan completed his cardiology training at Green Lane Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand before travelling to Vancouver (Vancouver General Hospital) and New York (New York University and Columbia University) for fellowship training. He has published extensively on acute coronary syndromes and has a special interest and expertise in the interplay of cardiovascular disease in diabetics, chronic kidney disease and South Asians. He has mentored many students, residents and fellows in clinical cardiology and clinical research methodology.

Lay summary of program/project:

To develop educational programs locally and nationally that help with the spread of important health information to doctors and doctors in training to improve in the care and reduce the suffering from heart related conditions. This will be achieved using traditional methods and exploring new innovative teaching technology.

Medical  summary of program/project:

It is well recognised that the transfer and integration of knowledge is equally as important as innovation in reducing cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. However, effective knowledge dissemination is often under-recognised and underutilised. Through well designed integrated programs utilising innovative technology we aim to bring to the forefront the value of knowledge transfer from “test tube to treatments”. This will encompass and integrate multiple levels of care, from early medical students and trainees to primary care physicians and advanced trainees and specialists in cardiovascular medicine. This will further geographically unite our province and support the development of local, provincial and national events, with UBC playing a pivotal role.