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Rising Stars – Dr. Jasmine Grewal

Headshot - Dr. Jasmine Grewal

Dr. Jasmine Grewal is a clinical assistant professor at the University of British Columbia and a member of the Divisions of Cardiology at St. Paul’s Hospital and Vancouver General Hospital. With fellowship training in Adult Congenital Heart Disease/Pregnancy and Heart Disease (Toronto General Hospital) and Echocardiography (Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN), Dr. Grewal is actively involved in clinical and research activities in these fields. Dr. Grewal focuses her clinical time in the Pacific Adult Congenital Heart Disease and is the Director of the Cardiac Obstetrics Program at St. Paul’s Hospital.

Additionally, Dr. Grewal is an Echocardiographer and also works in the cardiac intensive care unit at St Paul’s Hospital. She is actively engaged in clinical research, and is currently involved as a primary and co-investigator in numerous single centre and multi-centre research studies in the areas of congenital heart disease and pregnancy and heart disease.

Lay summary of program/project:

One in 3000 individuals is born with one instead of 2 heart pumps. This means that very early in life, these children undergo multiple surgeries so that blue blood reaches the lungs through a surgically created pathway (Fontan) and red blood is pumped to the body via the single heart pump. Due to the nature of the resulting abnormal circulation, these patients develop many complications. The goal of this research program is to evaluate the long term outcomes in this patient population, assess the role and trajectory of the single ventricular function, explore determinants of reduced exercise capacity in more detail and evaluate patients for subclinical kidney dysfunction.

Medical summary of program/project:

My research program is focused on the complex Fontan patient population. This is a poorly understood group of patients in whom survival data, management and long term outcomes remain uncertain. More importantly, the number of adult Fontan patients continues to increase. In collaboration with others the goal of the program is to focus on the following clinically important issues: 1) the systematic evaluation of ventricular structure and function over time and predictors of deterioration, 2) the identification of factors that contribute to deterioration in exercise capacity, 3) the rates and predictors of clinical failure of the Fontan circulation and 4) screening for sub-clinical renal dysfunction and determine its impact on outcomes.