BC Cardiovascular Community at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress

BC Presentation Templates

In the interest of showcasing a united, collaborative community, we have developed generic PowerPoint and poster templates for use at the CCC sessions. We appreciate greatly your consideration in using these documents for your presentations at the Congress.

A few notes for your consideration:

– The posters were created to be 80”Wx44”H when printed. Due to the sizing constraints of PowerPoint, we made the poster templates exactly half this size. This means when you print your poster for presentation, you need to request that it be printed at double the file size (200%) such that the final product is 80”x44”.

– To insert your own logo into the master versions of these documents, click “View”, then “Slide Master”. You can then select the master slide and insert your logo. You also have the option of inserting the logo in “normal view” (which is the default viewing mode) for your posters.

– Please feel free to use the BC heart icon wherever you see fit on any of your own materials beyond posters and PowerPoint.

80×44 Poster Template_3cols

80×44 Poster Template_4cols